Übersetzung von “guess” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitiveguess /gɛs/
to try to answer when you do not know for certain
(essayer de) deviner

I guessed and got the answer wrong.
J'ai essayé de deviner et j'ai donné une mauvaise réponse.

She guessed that I was 25.
Elle a deviné que j'avais 25 ans.

They tried to guess the location.
Ils ont essayé de deviner l'endroit.
guess who/what/where etc.
devine qui/ce que/où etc.

Guess who I saw today?
Devine qui j'ai vu aujourd'hui ?
guess right/wrong
deviner juste/se tromper

I guessed right and won a prize!
J'ai deviné juste et j'ai gagné un prix !
Guess what?
indicates you want sb to ask you about what has happened
Tu sais quoi ?

"Guess what?" "What?" "I got an A!"
"Tu sais quoi ?" "Quoi ?" "J'ai eu un A !"
you will/would never guess
indicates you are going to say sth surprising
tu ne devineras jamais

You'll never guess what I did this morning!
Tu ne devineras jamais ce que j'ai fait ce matin !
I guess
spoken I suppose
je présume , je suppose

I guess he can't come if he's sick.
Je suppose qu'il ne peut pas venir s'il est malade.
I guess so
spoken indicates you agree, but are slightly unsure

"It's the right thing to do, isn't it?" "I guess so."
"C'est ce qu'il faut faire, tu ne crois pas ?" "J'imagine."


noun countableguess /gɛs/
an act of guessing
supposition feminine

I'd say 28, but that's a guess.
Je dirais 28, mais c'est une supposition.

My guess is, it would cost about $300.
Mon avis est que ça coûterait environ 300 $.
take/make/have a guess
essayer/tâcher de deviner

I don't know, but I'll take a guess.
Je ne sais pas mais je vais tâcher de deviner.

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verb /ɡes/

to say what is likely to be the case

I’m trying to guess the height of this building
If you don’t know the answer, just guess.

(especially American) to suppose

I guess I’ll have to leave now.
guesswork noun

the process or result of guessing

I got the answer by guesswork.
anybody’s guess

a matter of complete uncertainty

pure conjecture
Who will win is anybody’s guess.

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