Übersetzung von “guide” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableguide /gaɪd/
a book or article that gives help and advice
guide masculine

a guide to baking cookies
un livre de recettes de petits gâteaux

a travel guide
un guide de voyage
; see also guidebook
sb who's job is to show people interesting places
guide masculine-feminine

Our guide was fluent in three languages.
Notre guide parlait couramment trois langues.

a tour guide
un guide
sth that helps you make a judgment
indication feminine

As a rough guide, I use about six tablespoons of water.
En gros, j'urilise environ six cuillerées à soupe d'eau.


verb transitiveguide /gaɪd/
to show the way to a place

to guide sb up/down/through/along/into etc. sth
guider qqn vers le haut / vers le bas / à travers / le long de / dans etc.
to help sb to do sth
guider qqn dans

a few tips to guide your Internet search
quelques conseils pour vous guider dans votre recherche sur Internet
to influence the way sb behaves

a politician guided only by his desire for power
un politicien guidé par son seul désir de pouvoir

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verb /ɡaid/

to lead, direct or show the way

I don’t know how to get to your house – I’ll need someone to guide me
Your comments guided me in my final choice.

to control the movement of

The teacher guided the child’s hand as she wrote.
guidance noun

advice towards doing something

a project prepared under the guidance of the professor.
guideline noun

(usually in plural) an indication as to how something should be done.

guided missile

an explosive rocket which can be guided to its target by radio waves.

missile téléguidé



(also guidebook) a book which contains information for tourists

a guide to Rome.

(usually with capital) a Girl Guide.


something which informs, directs or influences.


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