Übersetzung von “habit” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounhabit /ˈhæbɪt/
countable sth that you do regularly that is difficult to stop doing
habitude feminine

I got into the habit of going to bed early.
J'ai pris l'habitude d'aller me coucher tôt.

Don't make a habit of eating dessert.
Ne prends pas l'habitude de manger un dessert.
a good/bad habit
une bonne/mauvaise habitude

Biting my nails is one of my bad habits.
Me ronger les ongles est l'une de mes mauvaises habitudes.
break a/the habit
to stop a habit
perdre / se défaire d'une habitude
uncountable the state of being used to doing sth
habitude feminine
out of habit
because you are used to doing sth
par habitude

Now we turn out the lights out of habit.
Maintenant, nous éteignons les lumières par habitude.
countable the physical need to keep taking a drug, drinking alcohol, or smoking
accoutumance feminine

a drug/heroin/cocaine habit
une accoutumance à la drogue / l'héroïne / la cocaïne

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noun /ˈhӕbit/

something which a person does usually or regularly

He has the habit of going for a walk before bed
She has an irritating habit of interrupting people.

a tendency to do the same things that one has always done

(par) habitude
I did it out of habit.

a long loose piece of clothing worn by monks or nuns

a monk’s habit.
habitual /həˈbitjuəl/ adjective

having a habit of doing, being etc (something)

He’s a habitual drunkard.

done etc regularly

He took his habitual walk before bed.
habitually /həˈbitjuəli/ adverb

from force of habit

because one is used to doing (something)

par habitude
I took the cigarette from force of habit.
get (someone) into the habit of ( get (someone) out of the habit of)

to make (a person) start or stop doing (something) as a habit

habituer à, (faire) perdre l’habitude de
I wish I could get out of the habit of biting my nails
You must get your children into the habit of cleaning their teeth.

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