Übersetzung von “hail” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbhail /heɪl/
intransitive (of ice) to fall from the sky like rain
it hails
il grêle

It was hailing last night.
Il grêlait la nuit dernière.
hail a taxi/cab
to wave your arm to attract a taxi driver's attention
héler un taxi

I hailed a cab from the corner.
J'ai hélé un taxi du coin de la rue.

hail as

verb phrasalhail as [ ˈheɪl ˌæs ]
to praise publicly
acclamer comme

He was hailed as a hero in the media.
Il a été acclamé comme un héros dans les médias.


noun uncountablehail /heɪl/
balls of ice that fall from the sky like rain
grêle feminine

hail the size of golf balls
une averse de grêlons gros comme des balles de golf
a hail of sth
a large number of things flying through the air
une grêle/pluie/averse de qqch

a hail of bullets
une pluie de balles

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noun /heil/

small balls of ice falling from the clouds

There was some hail during the rainstorm last night.

a shower (of things)

a hail of arrows.
hailstone noun

a ball of hail

Hailstones battered against the window.


verb /heil/

to shout to in order to attract attention

We hailed a taxi
The captain hailed the passing ship.

to greet or welcome (a person, thing etc) as something

His discovery was hailed as a great step forward in medicine.
hail from

to come from or belong to (a place)

être originaire de
He hails from Texas.

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