Übersetzung von “hall” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablehall /hɔl/
( hallway ) a long narrow area of a building with doors along it
couloir masculine

I saw her in the hall outside the office.
Je l'ai vue dans le couloir devant le bureau.

two men walking down the hall
deux hommes marchant dans le couloir
the open area just inside the door of a house
entrée feminine , vestibule masculine

Take your shoes off in the hall.
Enlevez vos chaussures dans l'entrée.
a public building or room used regularly for events
salle feminine

a concert hall
une salle de concert

a college dining hall
le réfectoire d'une université

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noun /hoːl/

a room or passage at the entrance to a house

We left our coats in the hall.

(a building with) a large public room, used for concerts, meetings etc

a community hall.

a building with offices where the administration of a town etc is carried out

hôtel de ville
a town hall
(American) the city hall.

(American) a passageway through a building; a corridor.


a building of a university, college etc, especially one in which students etc live.

Do you live in halls?
hallmark noun

a mark put on gold and silver articles to show the quality of the gold or silver.

cachet de contrôle
hallway noun

a hall or passage.

vestibule, couloir

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