Übersetzung von “handle” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivehandle /ˈhændl/
to touch or hold with your hands
toucher , manipuler

Please do not handle the goods.
Vous êtes priés de ne pas toucher aux marchandises.
to be able to cope or deal with
savoir s'y prendre avec , gérer

He could not handle the pressure of the job.
Il ne pouvait pas faire face à la pression de ce travail.

advice on how to handle problem employees
des conseils sur la manière de gérer les employés à problèmes
to trade goods, especially illegally
faire du trafic

to be arrested for handling stolen goods
être arrêté pour traficde marchandises volées


noun countablehandle /ˈhændl/
the part of sth that you hold
poignée feminine

silver door handles
des poignées de porte en argent

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noun /ˈhӕndl/

the part of an object by which it may be held or grasped

anse, poignée
I’ve broken the handle off this cup
You’ve got to turn the handle in order to open the door.

à manche (…)
a long-handled knife.
handler noun

a person who trains and controls an animal (especially a dog)

dresseur/-euse (de chiens)
a police dog and its handler.
handlebars noun plural

the bar at the front of a bicycle etc which is held by the rider and by which the bicycle etc is steered

The cyclist was thrown over the handlebars when the bike crashed.



to control, manage or deal with

s’y prendre avec
He’ll never make a good teacher – he doesn’t know how to handle children.

to buy or sell; to deal in

tenir, vendre
I’m afraid we do not handle such goods in this shop.

to treat in a particular way

Never handle animals roughly.

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