Übersetzung von “happy” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivehappy /ˈhæpi/ ( happier, happiest )
≠sad; feeling glad and without worry
heureux/-euse , satisfait/-aite

Everyone wants to be happy.
Tout le monde veut être heureux.

I'm not happy about the way the dress looks.
Je ne suis pas satisfaite de l'allure qu'a cette robe.

We're very happy with your work.
Nous sommes très contents de votre travail.
showing or full of happiness

a happy voice
une voix heureuse

My childhood was a happy time.
Mon enfance a été une période heureuse.

The story has a happy ending.
L'histoire a une fin heureuse / finit bien.
be happy to
to be willing and pleased to
être heureux/-euse de

I'd be happy to give you a ride home.
Je serais heureux de te ramener chez toi.
Happy Birthday/Christmas/Anniversary etc.
used to wish sb happiness on a special occasion
joyeux anniversaire/Noël/anniversaire etc.

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adjective /ˈhӕpi/

having or showing a feeling of pleasure or contentment

a happy smile
I feel happy today.


I’d be happy to help you.


By a happy chance I have the key with me.
happiness noun

happily adverb

joyeusement; par bonheur
The child smiled happily
Happily, (= Fortunately,) she arrived home safely.
happy-go-lucky adjective

not worrying about what might happen

cheerful and happy-go-lucky.
happy medium

a sensible middle course between two extreme positions

moyen terme
The band’s success is based on finding a happy medium between jazz and blues styles.

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