Übersetzung von “harness” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableharness /ˈhɑrnɪs/
leather straps that connect an animal's body to the vehicle it is pulling
harnais masculine

He put the harness on the horse.
Il harnacha le cheval.
straps fastened around sb's body to prevent them from falling
harnais masculine

a climber's harness
un harnais d'alpiniste


verb transitiveharness /ˈhɑrnɪs/
to control and make use of sth

ways to harness the power of the waves
des procédés pour exploiter la puissance des vagues
( harness up,) to put a harness on an animal

to harness up the horses
harnacher le chevaux

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noun /ˈhaːnis/

the leather straps etc by which a horse is attached to a cart etc which it is pulling and by means of which it is controlled.




to make use of (a source of power, eg a river) for some purpose, eg to produce electricity or to drive machinery

Attempts are now being made to harness the sun as a source of heat and power.

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