Übersetzung von “hate” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivehate /heɪt/
to dislike very much

His employees hated him.
Ses employés le détestent.

She hates going to the dentist.
Elle déteste aller chez le dentiste
sb hates it when
sb does not like sth to happen
qqn déteste quand

I hate it when people are late.
Je déteste quand les gens sont en retard.
I hate to bother/trouble etc. you
spoken used to apologize for interrupting or asking for sth
désolé de vous déranger/ennuyer etc.

I hate to bother you, but could we talk for a moment?
Désolé de vous déranger, mais est-ce qu'on pourrait parler un moment ?


noun uncountablehate /heɪt/
≠love; an extreme feeling of dislike
haine feminine

hate-filled emails
des courriels remplis de haine

the hate in their eyes.
la haine dans leurs yeux

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verb /heit/

to dislike very much

I hate them for their cruelty to my father
I hate getting up in the morning.
hateful adjective

very bad; very unpleasant

That was a hateful thing to do to her
What a hateful person!
hatefully adverb

hatefulness noun

caractère odieux (de qqch.)
hatred /ˈheitrid/ noun

great dislike

There was a look of hatred in his eyes
I have a deep-seated hatred of liars.



something disliked

bête noire, cauchemar
Getting up in the morning is one of my pet (= particular) hates.

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