Die Übersetzung von "head" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /hed/

the top part of the human body, containing the eyes, mouth, brain etc; the same part of an animal’s body

The stone hit him on the head
He scratched his head in amazement.

a person’s mind

An idea came into my head last night.

the height or length of a head

The horse won by a head.

the chief or most important person (of an organization, country etc)

chef; principal
Kings and presidents are heads of state
(also adjective) a head waiter
the head office.

anything that is like a head in shape or position

the head of a pin
The boy knocked the heads off the flowers.

the place where a river, lake etc begins

the head of the Nile.

the top, or the top part, of anything

tête, haut, bout
Write your address at the head of the paper
the head of the table.

the front part

(en) tête (de)
He walked at the head of the procession.

a particular ability or tolerance

He has no head for heights
She has a good head for figures.

a headmaster or headmistress

You’d better ask the Head.

(for) one person

par personne
This dinner costs $10 a head.

a headland

Beachy Head.

the foam on the top of a glass of beer etc.

faux col

having (a certain number or type of) head(s)

à tête (…)
a two-headed monster
a bald-headed man.
header noun

(in football) the act of hitting the ball with the head

coup de tête
He scored with a great header.

a fall or dive forwards

He slipped and took a header into the mud.
heading noun

what is written at the top of a page etc

All headings in the document must be printed in bold
The teacher said that essays must have a proper heading.
heads noun, adverb

(on) the side of a coin with the head of a king, president etc on it

He tossed the penny and it came down heads.
headache noun

a pain in the head

mal de tête
Bright lights give me a headache.

something worrying

Lack of money is a real headache.
headband noun

a strip of material worn round the head to keep one’s hair off one’s face.

headdress noun

something, usually ornamental, which is worn on, and covers, the head

The tribesmen were wearing headdresses of fur and feathers.
headfirst adverb

with one’s head in front or bent forward

la tête la première
He fell headfirst into a pool of water.
headgear noun

anything that is worn on the head

Hats, caps and helmets are headgear.
headlamp noun

a headlight.

headland noun

a point of land which sticks out into the sea.

headlight noun

a powerful light at or on the front of a car, lorry, train, ship, aeroplane etc

feu avant, phare
As it was getting dark, the driver switched on his headlights.
headline noun

the words written in large letters at the top of newspaper articles

(gros) titre
I never read a paper in detail – I just glance at the headlines.
headlines noun plural

a brief statement of the most important items of news, on television or radio

principaux titres
the news headlines.
headlong adjective, adverb

moving forwards or downwards, with one’s head in front

tête baissée, la tête la première
a headlong dive into the pool of water
He fell headlong into a pool of water.

(done) without thought or delay, often foolishly

à toute allure
a headlong rush
He is rushing headlong into disaster.
head louse

a type of louse that infests the human head.

headmaster noun (feminine headmistress)

the person in charge of a school; the principal.

head-on adverb, adjective

(usually of cars etc) with the front of one car etc hitting the front of another car etc

de plein fouet; frontal
a head-on collision
The two cars crashed head-on.
headphones noun plural

(also earphones) a pair of electronic instruments held over a person’s ears, by a metal band over the head, which are connected to a radio

a set of headphones.
headquarters noun singular or plural

(often abbreviated to HQ /eitʃˈkjuː/noun ) the place from which the chief officers or leaders of an organization (especially an army) direct and control the activities of that organization

quartier général, état-major
During the election, his house was used as the campaign headquarters.
headrest noun

a sort of small cushion which supports a person’s head, eg as fitted to a dentist’s chair, a car seat.

headscarf nouns ( headsquare)

a usually square scarf worn by women over or round the head.

headstone noun

a stone put at a grave, usually with the name of the dead person on it, the date of his birth and death etc.

pierre tombale
headstrong adjective

(of people) difficult to persuade or control; always doing or wanting to do what they themselves want

a headstrong, obstinate child.
headwind noun

a wind which is blowing towards one.

vent contraire
above someone’s head

too difficult (for someone) to understand

qui dépasse (qqn)
His lecture was well above their heads.
go to someone’s head

(of alcohol) to make someone slightly drunk

monter à la tête
Champagne always goes to my head.

(of praise, success etc) to make someone arrogant, foolish etc

monter à la tête
Don’t let success go to your head.
head off

to make (a person, animal etc) change direction

One group of the soldiers rode across the valley to head the bandits off.

to go in some direction

partir vers
He headed off towards the river.
head over heels


He fell head over heels in love.

turning over completely; headfirst

cul par-dessus tête
He fell head over heels into a pond.
heads or tails?

used when tossing a coin, eg to decide which of two people does, gets etc something

pile ou face?
Heads or tails? Heads you do the dishes, tails I do them.
keep one’s head

to remain calm and sensible in a crisis etc.

garder la tête froide
She did well to keep her head in such a stressful situation.
lose one’s head

to become angry or excited, or to act foolishly in a crisis.

perdre la tête
He lost his head and started shouting at people.
make head or tail of

to understand

s’y retrouver
I can’t make head or tail of these instructions.
make headway

to make progress

We’re not making much headway with this new scheme.
off one’s head


You must be off your head to work for nothing.

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