Übersetzung von “heap” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableheap /hip/
a messy pile
tas masculine

a heap of dirty dishes
un tas d'assiettes sales

The laundry lay in a heap on the floor.
Le linge sale traînait en tas sur le sol.
heaps plural
Brit informal=plenty; a lot
des tas masculine plural (reg) , plein (de)

We have heaps of time.
Nous avons largement le temps.
the top/bottom of the heap
the best/worst position or rank
la tête/fin du classement

Which albums will be at the top of the heap this year?
Quels albums seront en tête du classement cette année ?


verb transitiveheap /hip/
to pile sth on top of sth else
entasser , amasser

Trucks were heaping more garbage on the pile.
Les camions continuaent d'amasser des détritus sur le tas.

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noun /hiːp/

a large amount or a large number, in a pile

a heap of sand/apples.

(usually in plural with of) many, much or plenty

des tas de
We’ve got heaps of time
I’ve done that heaps of times.
heaped adjective

having enough (of something) on it to form a heap

A heaped teaspoonful of sugar.



to fill or cover with a heap

empiler (de), accabler (de)
He heaped his plate with vegetables
He heaped insults on his opponent.

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