Übersetzung von “hear” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbhear /hɪər/
transitive-intransitive to understand sounds using your ears

My grandmother can't hear very well.
Ma grand-mère n'entend pas très bien.

Did you hear that noise?
Avez-vous entendu ce bruit ?
transitive-intransitive to be told

Did you hear about Caryn's new job?
Tu savais que Caryn avait un nouveau travail ?

I heard that he went to jail.
J'ai entendu dire qu'il était allé en prison.
transitive to listen to a performance, speech, etc.

I went to hear the Symphony play last night.
Je suis allé écouter la symphonie hier soir.
transitive (of a judge or court) to listen to facts and make a legal judgment

The Supreme Court will hear the case.
La cour suprême va juger l'affaire.

hear from

verb phrasalhear from [ ˈhɪər ˌfrʌm, frəm ]
to be contacted by sb on the phone, by email, etc.
avoir des nouvelles de qqn

I haven't heard from him in weeks.
Je n'ai pas eu de nouvelles de lui depuis des semaines.
to listen to sb's views
entendre le point de vue de qqn

I'd like to hear from the committee members before I make a decision.
J'aimerais entendre le point de vue des membres du comité avant de prendre une décision.

hear of

verb phrasalhear of [ ˈhɪər ˌʌv, əv ]
to know a little information about
entendre parler de

Have you heard of a band called "The Ravens?"
As-tu entendu parler d'un groupe qui s'appelle "The Ravens" ?

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verb /hiə/ (past tense, past participle heard /həːd/)

to (be able to) receive (sounds) by ear

I don’t hear very well
Speak louder – I can’t hear you
I didn’t hear you come in.

to listen to for some purpose

A judge hears court cases
Part of a manager’s job is to hear workers’ complaints.

to receive information, news etc, not only by ear

entendre (dire), avoir des nouvelles (de), entendre (parler de)
I’ve heard that story before
I hear that you’re leaving
‘Have you heard from your sister?’ ‘Yes, I got a letter from her today’
I’ve never heard of him – who is he? This is the first I’ve heard of the plan.
hearing noun

the ability to hear

My hearing is not very good.

the distance within which something can be heard

à portée de voix
I don’t want to tell you when so many people are within hearing
I think we’re out of hearing now.

an act of listening

We ought to give his views a fair hearing.

a court case

audition, audience
The hearing is tomorrow.
hearing aid noun

a small electronic instrument which helps deaf people to hear better by making sounds louder by means of an amplifier.

appareil acoustique
hearsay /-sei/ noun

that which one has been told about by others but for which one has otherwise no evidence

I never trust anything that I learn by hearsay.
hear! hear!

a shout to show that one agrees with what a speaker has said (eg in Parliament or at a meeting).

I/he etc will/would not hear of

I, he etc will or would not allow

ne pas vouloir entendre parler de
They would not hear of her going home alone, and insisted on going with her.

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