Übersetzung von “heat” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounheat /hit/
the quality of being hot, or how hot sth is
chaleur feminine , température feminine

the heat coming from the radiator
la chaleur venant du radiateur

the heat of the sun
la chaleur du soleil

Turn up the heat to 450°.
Augmenter la température jusqu'à 450°.

Cook over a low/medium/high heat.
Cuire à feu doux/moyen/vif.
the heat
singular hot weather conditions
la chaleur

We went inside to escape the heat.
Nous sommes rentrés pour échapper à la chaleur.
uncountable the system that keeps a building or room warm
chauffage masculine

Can you turn the heat up?
Peux-tu monter le chauffage ?

a building without heat
un immeuble sans chauffage
; see also heating
the heat
singular the hot part of a stove that you put a pan on
le feu

Remove the chicken from the heat.
Enlève le poulet du feu.
pressure to do sth
pression feminine

This win takes the heat off the team for a while.
Cette victoire enlève la pression à l'équipe pour un moment.
take (the) heat
to deal well with pressure or criticism
gérer la pression

He took a lot of heat for his boss's crazy idea.
Il a pris sur lui beaucoup de la pression générée par l'idée folle de son patron.
in heat
(of a female animal) ready to mate
en chaleur
on heat
Brit in heat
en chaleur


verb transitiveheat /hit/
to make warm or hot
(faire) chauffer

Heat the milk.
Faites chauffer le lait.

people who are too poor to heat their homes
les gens qui sont trop pauvres pour chauffer leur maison

heat up

verb phrasalheat up [ ˈhit ˈʌp ]
=warm up; to make or become warm or hot

Heat up the croissants in the oven.
Réchauffe les croissants dans le four.

as the oil begins to heat up
pendant que l'huile commence à chauffer
(of a situation) to become exciting or tense

The political situation was heating up.
La situation politique s'embrasait.

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noun /hiːt/

the amount of hotness (of something), especially of things which are very hot

Test the heat of the water before you bath the baby.

the warmth from something which is hot

The heat from the fire will dry your coat
the effect of heat on metal
the heat of the sun.

the hottest time

au plus chaud de
the heat of the day.

anger or excitement

dans le feu (de l’action)
He didn’t mean to be rude – he just said that in the heat of the moment.

in a sports competition etc, one of two or more contests from which the winners go on to take part in later stages of the competition

épreuve éliminatoire
Having won his heat, he is going through to the final.
heated adjective

having been made hot

a heated swimming-pool.

showing anger, excitement etc

a heated argument.
heatedly adverb

avec chaleur
heatedness noun

heater noun

an apparatus which gives out heat in order to warm a room etc, or which heats water etc eg in a water-tank.

chauffe-eau, radiateur
an electric heater.
heating noun

the system of heaters etc which heat a room, building etc

We turn the heating off in the summer.

a period of very hot weather.

vague de chaleur
The country was in the middle of a heatwave.
in/on heat

(of female animals) in a condition for mating.

en chaleur
When these animals are in heat, they can be dangerously aggressive.
see also hot.

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