Die Übersetzung von "heaven" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈhevn/

in some religions, the place where God or the gods live, and where good people go when they die.


the sky

He raised his eyes to heaven / the heavens.

(something which brings) great happiness

‘This is heaven’, she said, lying on the beach in the sun.
heavenly adverb

very pleasant; beautiful

What a heavenly smell!

of or from heaven.

heavenliness noun

caractère céleste
heavens interjection (also good heavens)

an expression of surprise, dismay etc

mon Dieu!
Heavens! I forgot to buy your birthday present.
heavenly bodies

the sun, moon, planets, stars.

corps célestes
heaven-sent adjective

very lucky or convenient

a heaven-sent opportunity.
for heaven’s sake

an expression used to show anger, surprise etc

pour l’amour du ciel/de Dieu!
For heaven’s sake, stop making that noise!
heaven knows

I don’t know

Dieu (seul) sait
Heaven knows what he’s trying to do.


Dieu sait (que)
Heaven knows I’ve tried to help.
thank heavens

an expression used to show that a person is glad something has (not) happened

Dieu merci!
Thank heavens he isn’t coming!
Thank heavens for that!

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