Übersetzung von “hell” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounhell /hɛl/
uncountable ( Hell,) in some religions, a place where bad people are punished after they die
enfer masculine

people who are punished in Hell
les gens qui sont punis en enfer
uncountable a very difficult and unpleasant situation
enfer masculine

The trip home was hell.
Le trajet vers la maison a été un enfer.
all hell breaks loose
a situation becomes uncontrolled
c'est une pagaille monstre

There was a huge "boom" and then all hell broke loose.
Il y a eu un grand "boum" puis ça a été une pagaille monstre.
for the hell of it
informal=for fun; without a good reason
pour le plaisir

I thought I'd try snowboarding, just for the hell of it.
Je pensais essayer le surf des neiges, juste pour le plaisir.
the....from hell
informal sb or sth of the worst kind you can imagine

She was the neighbor from hell.
C'était une voisine infernale.
give sb hell
to angrily criticize
faire une vie d'enfer à qqn

Her boss gave her hell for that.
Son patron lui a fait une vie d'enfer à cause de cela.
go to hell
offensive used to tell sb angrily to stop bothering you
fam va/allez au diable
like hell
informal emphasizes how strong, fast, intense, etc. sth is

The rash itched like hell.
L'éruption me démange horriblement.
a/one hell of a
spoken emphasizes how good or impressive sth is
d'enfer , de tous les diables

He was one hell of a teacher.
C'était un professeur génial.

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noun /hel/

(according to some religions) the place or state of punishment of the wicked after death with much pain, misery etc.

for the hell of it

for no particular reason; just for fun

pour le plaisir
The boys said they had set fire to the hut just for the hell of it.
hellbent on

determined on

acharné (à)
I’ve told him it could be dangerous, but he’s hellbent on going.

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