Die Übersetzung von "help" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /help/

to do something with or for someone that he cannot do alone, or that he will find useful

Will you help me with this translation?
Will you please help me (to) translate this poem?
Can I help?
He fell down and I helped him up.

to play a part in something; to improve or advance

Bright posters will help to attract the public to the exhibition
Good exam results will help his chances of a job.

to make less bad

An aspirin will help your headache.

to serve (a person) in a shop

Can I help you, sir?

(with can(not), could (not)) to be able not to do something or to prevent something

pouvoir, ne pas pouvoir s’empêcher de
He looked so funny that I couldn’t help laughing
Can I help it if it rains?
helper noun

We need several helpers for this job.
helpful adjective

a very helpful boy
You may find this book helpful.
helpfully adverb

helpfulness noun

helping noun

the amount of food one has on one’s plate

a large helping of pudding.
helpless adjective

needing the help of other people; unable to do anything for oneself

faible, impuissant
A baby is almost completely helpless.
helplessly adverb

faiblement, sans puissance
helplessness noun

faiblesse, abandon
help oneself

(with to) to give oneself or take (food etc)

(se) servir (de)
Help yourself to another piece of cake
‘Can I have a pencil?’ ‘Certainly – help yourself
He helped himself to (= stole) my jewellery.

(with cannot, could not) to be able to stop (oneself)

ne pouvoir s’empêcher de
I burst out laughing when he told me – I just couldn’t help myself.
help out

to help (a person), usually for a short time because the person is in some difficulty

I help out in the shop from time to time
Could you help me out by looking after the baby?

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