Die Übersetzung von "hesitate" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /ˈheziteit/

to pause briefly eg because of uncertainty

He hesitated before answering
The diver hesitated for a minute on the diving-board.

to be unwilling (to do something) eg because one is not sure it is right

hésiter (à)
I hesitate to say he lied but he certainly misled me
Don’t hesitate to tell me if you have any complaints.
hesitancy noun

the tendency to hesitate.

I detected a certain hesitancy in his voice.
hesitant adjective

making or having frequent hesitations

a hesitant speaker
I’m hesitant to tell her she’s wrong.
hesitantly adverb

avec hésitation
hesitation noun

an act of hesitating.

Hesitation can cost you dearly when you are a goalkeeper.

unwillingness or uncertainty.

After some initial hesitation, he agreed to the proposal.

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