Übersetzung von “hide” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbhide /haɪd/ ( pt hid pp hidden )
transitive =conceal; to put sth somewhere where it cannot be seen

He hid the money inside his shirt.
Il a caché l'argent à l'intérieur de sa chemise.
intransitive to go to a place where you cannot be found
se cacher

The kids like to hide in this closet.
Les enfants aiment se cacher dans le placard.
hide from sb
se cacher de

bank robbers hiding from the police
des voleurs de banque se cachant de la police
transitive to keep information or feelings secret
cacher , dissimuler

I know he's hiding something.
Je sait qu'il cache quelque chose.

She couldn't hide her amusement.
Elle ne pouvait dissimuler son envie de rire.


noun countablehide [ haɪd ]
an animal's skin used to make leather
cuir masculine

cow hide
cuir de vache

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verb /haid/ (past tense hid /hid/, past participle hidden /ˈhidn/)

to put (a person, thing etc) in a place where it cannot be seen or easily found

(se) cacher
I’ll hide the children’s presents
You hide, and I’ll come and look for you
She hid from her father
He tries to hide his feelings.
hidden adjective

(made in such a way as to be) difficult to see or find

a hidden door
a hidden meaning.
hide-and-seek noun

a children’s game in which one person searches for other people who have hidden themselves.

hide-out noun

a place where one can hide or is hiding

The police searched for the bandits’ hide-out.
hiding noun

He has gone into hiding because he knows the police are looking for him
Is he still in hiding?
The burglar came out of hiding when the police car drove off.
hiding-place noun

a place where a person or thing can be or is hidden

We’ll have to find a safe hiding-place for our jewels.


noun /haid/

the skin of an animal

He makes coats out of animal hides
hiding noun

a beating on the buttocks (usually of a child as punishment)

He got a good hiding.

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