Übersetzung von “history” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounhistory /ˈhɪstəri, ˈhɪstri/ ( plural histories )
uncountable the past and all the events from the past
histoire feminine

women throughout history
les femmes à travers l'histoire

the history of medicine
l'histoire de la médecine
uncountable the study of the past
histoire feminine

He's a history teacher.
Il est professeur d'histoire.

online history lessons
des cours d'histoire en ligne
countable a record of past events
histoire feminine

This book is a history of money and economics.
Ce livre relate l'histoire de l'argent et de l'économie.
have a history of
to have done or suffered from sth before
avoir des antécédents (de)

The murder suspect has a long history of mental illness.
Le meurtrier présumé a de sérieux antécédents psychiatriques.

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noun /ˈhistəri/ (plural histories)

the study of events etc that happened in the past

She is studying British history
(also adjective) a history lesson/book.

a description usually in writing of past events, ways of life etc

I’m writing a history of Scotland.

(the description of) the usually interesting events etc associated with (something)

This desk/word has a very interesting history.
historian /-ˈstoː-/ noun

a person who studies (and writes about) history.

historic /-ˈsto-/ adjective

famous or important in history

a historic battle.
historical /-ˈsto-/ adjective

of or about history; of or about people or events from history

historical research
historical novels.

that actually happened or existed, not legendary or mythical

Was Shakespeare’s character Macbeth a historical person?
historically /-ˈsto-/ adverb

make history

to do something very important, especially to be the first to do something

entrer dans l’histoire
The Wright brothers made history when they were the first to fly an aeroplane.

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