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verbhit /hɪt/ ( hitting, pt pp hit )
transitive-intransitive to strike with force
frapper , heurter

I can't believe she just hit me.
Je n'en reviens pas qu'elle m'ait carrément frappé.

Boys, don't hit!
Les garçons, ne vous battez pas !

The ball hit her on the head.
La balle l'a atteinte/frappée à la tête.

Hit the nail with the hammer.
Tape sur le clou avec le marteau.
transitive-intransitive to have a bad effect on
frapper , toucher

The area has been badly hit by unemployment.
La région a été durement touchée par le chômage.

a few hours before the hurricane hit
quelques heures avant que l'ouragan ne frappe
transitive (of an idea or thought) to suddenly come into sb's mind

The thought hit her that she would never see her father again.
La pensée lui vint soudain qu'elle ne reverrait jamais son père.
transitive informal to press a button
appuyer sur

Type your email and then hit enter.
Tapez/saisissez votre adresse électronique puis appuyer sur entrée.
hit home
to begin to seem real or relevant

Years later, my parents' advice finally hit home.
Ce n'est que des années plus tard que j'ai finalement compris les conseils de mes parents.
hit it off
informal to like sb when you first meet them
bien s'entendre

We hit it off immediately.
Nous nous sommes tout de suite bien entendus.
sth hits the spot
indicates that sth is what you need or want
(bien) faire l'affaire de qqn , tomber à pic

A glass of cold lemonade would hit the spot.
Un verre de limonade fraîche ferait bien mon affaire / me ferait le plus grand bien.
hit the jackpot
to have great success
décrocher le gros lot

The company hit the jackpot with their latest video game.
La société a décroché le gros lot avec son dernier jeu vidéo.
hit the road
informal to leave on a trip
se mettre en route

It's time to hit the road.
Il est temps de se mettre en route.
hit the nail on the head
to be exactly right
taper dans le mille

You hit the nail on the head with your first answer.
Tu as tapé dans le mille avec ta première réponse.
hit the roof/ceiling
to react very angrily
informal sauter au plafond

Mom'll hit the roof if she finds out what I did.
Maman va sauter au plafond si elle découvre ce que j'ai fait.

hit on

verb phrasalhit on [ ˈhɪt ˌɒn, ˌɔn ] informal
to show sb that you are sexually interested in them
informal draguer

I couldn't believe her husband was hitting on me!
Je n'arrivais pas à croire que son mari me draguait !

hit on/upon

verb phrasalhit on/upon [ ˈhɪt ˌɒn, ˌɔn/əˌpɒn, əˌpɔn ]
to suddenly think of a good idea
avoir une inspiration

Then we hit on the idea of working together.
Puis on a eu cette idée de travailler ensemble.


noun countablehit /hɪt/
sb or sth that is very successful or very popular
succès masculine

The TV series was a big hit with kids.
Les séries télé ont connu un grand succès auprès des enfants.
a strike or act of hitting
coup masculine

a hard hit to the body
un coup violent
an instance when sb looks at a website
visite feminine

The new site has had over 3,000 hits already.
Le nouveau site a déjà reçu plus de 3000 visites.
take a hit
to be affected negatively
(en) prendre un coup

The company's stock prices took a hit after the scandal.
Le prix des actions de la société en a pris un coup après le scandale.


adjectivehit [ hɪt ]
very popular
à succès

the band's new hit song
le nouveau tube du groupe

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verb /hit/ (present participle hitting, past tense, past participle hit)

to (cause or allow to) come into hard contact with

The ball hit him on the head
He hit his head on/against a low branch
The car hit a lamp-post
He hit me on the head with a bottle
He was hit by a bullet
That boxer can certainly hit hard!

to make hard contact with (something), and force or cause it to move in some direction

The batsman hit the ball (over the wall).

to cause to suffer

The farmers were badly hit by the lack of rain
Her husband’s death hit her hard.

to find; to succeed in reaching

His second arrow hit the bull’s-eye
Take the path across the fields and you’ll hit the road
She used to be a famous soprano but she cannot hit the high notes now.
hit-and-run adjective

(of a driver) causing injury to a person and driving away without stopping or reporting the accident.

coupable du délit de fuite

(of an accident) caused by such a driver.

délit de fuite
hit-or-miss adjective

without any system or planning; careless

n’importe comment
hit-or-miss methods.
hit back

to hit (someone by whom one has been hit)

rendre son coup (à)
He hit me, so I hit him back.
hit below the belt

to hit in an unfair way.

frapper au-dessous de la ceinture
hit it off

to become friendly

s’entendre bien avec
We hit it off as soon as we met
I hit it off with him.
hit on

to find (an answer etc)

We’ve hit on the solution at last.
hit out (often with against, or at)

to attempt to hit

se débattre
The injured man hit out blindly at his attackers.
make a hit with

to make oneself liked or approved of by

faire sensation
That young man has made a hit with your daughter.



a point scored by hitting a target etc

coup réussi
He scored five hits.

something which is popular or successful

(à) succès
The play/record is a hit
(also adjective) a hit song.

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