Übersetzung von “hop” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitivehop /hɒp/ ( hopping, hopped )
to jump up and down on one leg, or move by doing this
sauter à cloche-pied

The kids were hopping up and down.
Les enfants allaient et venaient en sautant à cloche-pied.
to move along by making small jumps
bondir , sautiller

The frog hopped to the water's edge.
La grenouille a bondi vers le bord de l'eau.
informal to move somewhere quickly
fam se grouiller

Hop in, and I'll give you a ride to work.
Grouille-toi et je t'emmène au boulot à moto .


noun countablehop /hɒp/
a small jump, especially on one leg
bond masculine

three hops and a skip
trois bonds et un saut

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verb /hop/ (past tense, past participle hopped)

(of people) to jump on one leg

sauter à cloche-pied
The children had a competition to see who could hop the farthest
He hopped about in pain when the hammer fell on his foot.

(of certain small birds, animals and insects) to jump on both or all legs

The sparrow/frog hopped across the lawn.

to jump

He hopped (over) the fence and ran away
He hopped out of bed.

(with in(to), out (of)) to get into or out of a car etc

The car stopped and the driver told the hikers to hop in
I’ll hop out of the car at the next crossroads.
hopscotch /-skotʃ/ noun

a game played usually by children in which they hop into a series of squares drawn on the ground

The children are playing hopscotch on the pavement.
catch (someone) on the hop

to do something to (someone) when he is not prepared.

prendre au dépourvu
The shot caught the goalkeeper on the hop and he let the ball slip through his hands.
keep (someone) on the hop

to keep (someone) busy, active etc.

ne pas laisser chômer



(of certain small birds, animals and insects) a short jump on both or all legs

The sparrow crossed the lawn in a series of hops.


noun /hop/

a climbing plant, the bitter fruits of which (hops) are used in brewing beer.


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