Übersetzung von “hope” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbhope /hoʊp/
transitive-intransitive to wish or want sth to happen or be true

I hope we have good weather.
J'espère que nous aurons du beau temps.

She hoped that Kay wouldn't tell her secret.
Elle espérait que Kay ne révèlerait pas son secret.

We're hoping to buy a new car next year.
Nous espérons acheter une nouvelle voiture l'année prochaine.
I hope not
used to reply that you do not want sth to happen
j'espère que non

"Are we paying for dinner?" "I hope not!"
"Est-ce que nous payons le dîner ?" "J'espère que non !"
I hope so
used to reply that you do want sth to happen
je l'espère

"Did you get good grades?" "I hope so."
"Est-ce que tu as eu de bonnes notes ?" "Je l'espère."


noun countable-uncountablehope /hoʊp/
a belief or confidence that good things will happen in the future
espoir masculine

hope and optimism
l'espoir et l'optimisme

our hopes for the future
nos espoirs pour l'avenir

her hopes of recovering in time for the race
ses chances d'être rétablie à temps pour la course
high hopes
when you think sth good is likely to happen
bon espoir masculine

We have high hopes for the conference.
Nous mettons beaucoup d'espoir dans ce congrès.
raise hope
to make sb think sth could happen
donner de l'espoir

I don't want to raise her hopes if there's no chance it will happen.
Je ne veux pas lui donner de l'espoir s'il n'y aucune chance que cela arrive.
lose hope
to no longer think that sth is possible
perdre espoir

We will never lose hope of finding our daughter.
Nous n'abandonnerons jamais l'espoir de retrouver notre fille.
in the hope that/of
because you want sth to happen
dans l'espoir que/de

I told my story in the hope that it would help others.
J'ai raconté mon histoire dans l'espoir que cela aiderait les autres.
countable sth or sb that can make sth possible or successful
espoir masculine
last/best/only hope
dernier/meilleur/seul espoir

the boy's only hope of escape
le seul espoir d'évasion du garçon

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verb /həup/

to want something to happen and have some reason to believe that it will or might happen

He’s very late, but we are still hoping he will come
I hope to be in London next month
We’re hoping for some help from other people
It’s unlikely that he’ll come now, but we keep on hoping
‘Do you think it will rain?’ ‘I hope so/not’.
hopeful adjective

(negative unhopeful) full of hope

plein d’espoir
The police are hopeful that they will soon find the killer
The hopeful faces of the children stared at her.
He is hopeful of success.

giving a reason or encouragement for hope

That’s a hopeful signperhaps he is going to change his mind after all.

likely to be pleasant, successful etc

The future looks quite hopeful.
hopefulness noun

hopefully adverb

it is to be hoped that

Hopefully, that will never happen.

in a hopeful way

avec espoir
The dog looked hopefully at the joint of meat.
hopeless adjective

not likely to be successful

sans espoir
It’s hopeless to try to persuade him
a hopeless attempt
The future looks hopeless.

(with at) not good

I’m a hopeless housewife
He’s hopeless at French.

unable to be stopped, cured etc

The doctors considered the patient’s case hopeless
He’s a hopeless liar/idiot.
hopelessly adverb

sans espoir
hopelessness noun

hope against hope

to continue hoping when there is no (longer any) reason for hope.

espérer en dépit de tout
The rescue team hoped against hope that the lost hikers would be found.
hope for the best

to hope that something will succeed, that nothing bad will happen etc.

avoir bon espoir
not (have) a hope

(to be) completely unlikely (to succeed in something)

aucune chance
He hasn’t a hope of getting the job
‘Will he get the job?’ ‘Not a hope!’
raise someone’s hopes

to cause someone to hope, usually when there is no good reason to.

susciter l’espoir chez
It’s unfair to raise people’s hopes like that.



a person, thing etc that one is relying on for help etc

He’s my last hope – there is no-one else I can ask.

something hoped for

My hope is that he will get married and settle down soon.

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