Übersetzung von “human” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivehuman /ˈhyumənˈyu-/
relating to humans

human intelligence
l'intelligence humaine

the human body
le corps humain
behaving as humans naturally do

Don't worry, you're only human. Everyone makes mistakes.
Ne t'inquiète pas, tu es un être humain, voilà tout. Tout le monde fait des erreurs.


human [ ˈhyumən, ˈyu- ], human being /ˈhyumən ˈbiɪŋ, ˈyu-/
a person
(être masculine) humain masculine

how humans have affected the environment
comment les êtres humains ont modifié l'environnement

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adjective /ˈhjuːmən/

of, natural to, concerning, or belonging to, mankind

human nature
The dog was so clever that he seemed almost human.
humanly adverb

within human power

If it is humanly possible, he will do it.
human being

a person

être humain
Animals may behave like that, but human beings shouldn’t.
human resources noun

the abilities and skills of people (used to refer to the benefit derived from them).

ressources humaines

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