Die Übersetzung von "imagine" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /iˈmӕdʒin/

to form a mental picture of (something)

I can imagine how you felt.

to see or hear etc (something which is not true or does not exist)

Children often imagine that there are frightening animals under their beds
You’re just imagining things!

to think; to suppose

I imagine (that) he will be late.
imaginary adjective

existing only in the mind or imagination; not real

A unicorn is an imaginary creature
Her illnesses are usually imaginary.
imagination noun

(the part of the mind which has) the ability to form mental pictures

I can see it all in my imagination.

the creative ability of a writer etc

This story shows a lot of imagination.

the seeing etc of things which do not exist

There was no-one there – it was just your imagination.
imaginative /-nətiv, (American) -neitiv/ adjective

(negative unimaginative) having, or created with, imagination

an imaginative writer
This essay is interesting and imaginative.

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