Übersetzung von “immune” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveimmune /ɪˈmyun/
resistant to disease

Will humans ever become immune to cancer?
Les humains seront-ils un jour immunisés contre le cancer ?
not badly affected by
immunisé/-ée contre , insensible à

She seems to be immune to all criticism.
Elle semble être insensible à toute critique.

No computer is immune to viruses.
Aucun ordinateur n'est immunisé contre les virus.
=exempt; not affected by a rule
à l'abri de

diplomats who are immune from prosecution
les diplomates qui sont à l'abri des poursuites judiciaires

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adjective /iˈmjuːn/

(with toor from) protected against, or naturally resistant to, eg a disease

immunisé (contre)
He is immune to measles
On the river you are never completely immune from danger.
immunity noun

immunize /ˈimju-/ verb ( immunise)

to make immune to a disease, especially by an injection of a weak form of the disease.

immuniser (contre)
All the children at the school must be immunized against the disease.
immunization noun ( immunisation)


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