Übersetzung von “impress” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveimpress /ɪmˈprɛs/
to cause admiration

The students impressed us with their knowledge of the world.
Les étudiants nous ont impressionnés par leur connaissance du monde.

I wasn't impressed by her attitude to work.
Son attitude à l'égard du travail ne m'a pas fait une forte impression.

impress on/upon

verb phrasalimpress on/upon [ ɪmˈprɛs ˌɒn, ˌɔn/əˌpɒn, əˌpɔn ] formal
to emphasize sth's importance
(bien) faire comprendre

Parents must impress upon their children the importance of using the Internet safely.
Les parents doivent bien faire comprendre aux enfants l'importance d'utiliser Internet avec prudence.

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verb /imˈpres/

to cause feelings of admiration etc in (a person)

I was impressed by his good manners.

(with on or upon) to stress (something to someone)

faire bien comprendre (qqch. à qqn)
I must impress upon you the need for silence in the library.

to fix (a fact etc in the mind)

graver (dans)
She re-read the plans in order to impress the details on her memory.

make (a mark) on something by pressing

a footprint impressed in the sand.
impression /-ʃən/ noun

the idea or effect produced in someone’s mind by a person, experience etc

The film made a great impression on me.

a vague idea

I have the impression that he’s not pleased.

the mark left by an object on another object

The dog left an impression of its paws in the wet cement.

a single printing of a book etc.

impressive /-siv/ adjective

(negative unimpressive) making a great impression on a person’s mind, feelings etc

an impressive ceremony.
impressively adverb

de façon impressionnante
impressiveness noun

caractère impressionnant
be under the impression (that)

to have the (often wrong) feeling or idea that

avoir l’impression que
I was under the impression that you were paying for this meal.

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