Übersetzung von “in” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


prepositionin /ɪn/
inside or within
dans , en

He's in the kitchen.
Il est dans la cuisine.

sitting with her feet in the water
assise les pieds dans l'eau

made in China
fabriqué en Chine
included or part of
dans , de

Is that you in the picture?
Est-ce que c'est toi sur la photo ?

He's starring in two new movies.
Il joue dans deux nouveaux films.

young people in the organization
les jeunes gens de l'organisation
during a period of time
dans , en

in winter/summer/fall/spring
en hiver/été/automne / au printemps

in the morning/afternoon/evening etc.
dans la matinée / l'après-midi / la soirée

We're moving to Texas in March.
Nous déménageons au Texas en mars.
using or at the end of a period of time

The work can be done in two weeks.
Le travail peut être fait en deux semaines.

We'll be going on vacation in a few days.
Nous partons en vacances dans quelques jours.
involved or connected with
dans , en

He works in education.
Il travaille dans l'enseignement.

a Masters in philosophy
une maîtrise de philosophie

a rise in interest rates
une hausse des taux d'intérêt
wearing or dressed in

You look great in green.
Le vert te va très bien.

the man in the leather jacket
l'homme avec la veste en cuir
indicates a state, condition, emotion, etc.
dans , de

You're in a very good mood this morning.
Tu es de très bonne humeur ce matin.

They fled in terror.
Ils se sont enfuis terrorisés.

a city in chaos
une ville dans le chaos

in chronological order
dans l'ordre chronologique
in all
indicates a total
en tout

The trip will cost $300 in all.
Le voyage coûtera 300 $ en tout.


adverbin /ɪn/
≠out; into, to the inside
dedans , à l'intérieur

Everyone looked up as he walked in.
Tout le monde leva les yeux lorsqu'il entra.

The ball rolled toward the hole and dropped in.
La balle roula en direction du trou et tomba dedans.
≠out; at home or at work

We didn't get in till after midnight.
Nous n'avons pas pu rentrer avant minuit passé.

I don't think I'll be going in tomorrow.
Je ne pense pas qu'il sera là demain.
officially submitted

All applications must be in by the deadline.
Toutes les candidatures doivent être déposées avant la date limite.
≠out; (of the tide) close to land

What time does the tide come in?
A quelle heure la marée commence t-elle à monter?
(of a train, airplane, etc.) arrived

The train gets in just after 6.
Le train sera là juste après 6 heures.
in for
informal likely to suffer from or experience
au devant de

If he thinks the work will be easy he's in for a big shock.
S'il pense ce sera un travail facile il va au devoir accuser un grand choc.
in on
informal involved in
dans le coup , au courant

Were you in on their plan to trick me?
Est-ce que tu étais au courant de leur plan de m'escroquer ?


adjectivein [ ɪn ]
≠out; fashionable
à la mode

Straight leg jeans seem to be in again.
Les jeans droits semblent être redevenus à la mode.
≠out; (of the tide) close to the shore

Is the tide in or out?
La marée est-elle haute ou basse ?


prefixin- /ɪn-/
used with some adjectives and nouns to form a word with the opposite meaning

Inappropriate is the opposite of appropriate.
inapproprié est le contraire d'approprié

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preposition /in/

describing the position of a thing etc which is surrounded by something else

en, à, dans
My mother is in the house
in London
in bed.

showing the direction of movement

He put his hand in his pocket.

describing the time at, after or within which something happens

in the morning
I’ll be back in a week.

indicating amount or relative number

They arrived in large numbers.

expressing circumstances, state, manner etc of an event, person etc

de, sous, en, dans
She was dressed in a brown coat
They were walking in the rain
He did it in a hurry
written in English
He is in the army
The books were tied up in bundles
She is in her sixties.

describing an activity usually carried out by groups of people as a form of protest etc

a work-in.
day etc in, day etc out

day etc after day etc without a break

du matin au soir
I do the same boring job day in, day out
Last summer it rained week in, week out.
inasmuch as ( in as much as)

because; in consideration of the fact that

vu que
It would not be true to say he had retired from this firm, inasmuch as he still does a certain amount of work for us.
in for

likely to experience (especially something bad)

pouvoir s’attendre à
We’re in for some bad weather
You’re in for it if you broke that window!
ins and outs

the complex details of a plan etc

les moindres détails
He knows all the ins and outs of this scheme.
insofar as ( in so far as)

to the degree or extent that

dans la mesure oû
I gave him the details insofar as I knew them.
in that

because; from the fact that

vu que
This is not a good plant for your garden in that its seeds are poisonous.


adverb, adjective

describing something which is fashionable or popular

à la mode
Short skirts are in at the moment.

(of the tide) with the water at, or moving to, its highest level

(à marée) haute
The tide is (coming) in.

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