Übersetzung von “indicate” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbindicate /ˈɪndɪˌkeɪt/
transitive to show or prove
indiquer , révéler

The report indicates that violent crime is increasing.
Le rapport révèle que la criminalité violente est en hausse.

a blood test to indicate whether or not you have the virus
une analyse de sang pour indiquer si l'on est porteur du virus ou non
transitive to say or do sth to communicate or draw attention to sth
indiquer , signaler

With a nod of the head he indicated his intention to leave.
Il signala son intention de partir d'un signe de la tête.

Check the boxes to indicate your choices.
Cochez les cases pour indiquer vos choix.
transitive-intransitive Brit to use the indicator to signal which way you are going to turn in a vehicle
mettre son clignotant

Don't forget to indicate.
N'oublie pas de mettre tn clignotant.

She indicated left/right.
Elle a mis son clignotant à gauche/droit.

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verb /ˈindikeit/

to point out or show

We can paint an arrow here to indicate the right path.
indication noun

There are clear indications that the war will soon be over
He had given no indication that he was intending to resign.
indicative /inˈdikətiv/ adjective, noun

describing verbs which occur as parts of statements and questions

In ‘I ran home’ and ‘Are you going?’ ‘ran’ and ‘are going’ are indicative (verbs).
indicator noun

a pointer, sign, instrument etc which indicates something or gives information about something

the indicator on the petrol gauge of a car.

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