Übersetzung von “inherit” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveinherit /ɪnˈhɛrɪt/
to receive money or property from sb when they die
hériter (de)

We inherited the house from my mother.
Nous avons hérité de la maison de ma mère.
to receive a genetic trait from a parent
tenir de , hériter (de)

The tendency toward hair loss is inherited from your mother.
Tu tiens cette tendance à perdre les cheveux de ta mère.
to be forced to deal with a situation started by sb else

problems inherited from the previous manager
des problèmes hérités du précédent directeur

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verb /inˈherit/

to receive (property etc belonging to someone who has died)

hériter (de)
He inherited the house from his father
She inherited four thousand dollars from her father.

to have (qualities) the same as one’s parents etc

tenir (qqch. de qqn)
She inherits her quick temper from her mother.
inheritance noun

money etc inherited

He spent most of his inheritance on drink.

the act of inheriting

The property came to him by inheritance.

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