Übersetzung von “inner” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveinner /ˈɪnər/
≠outer; toward the center or inside of sth

The inner harbor is more protected from the wind.
Le port intérieur est davantage protégé du vent.
personal or private
intérieur/-eure , intime

his inner feelings/beliefs
ses sentiments/convictions intimes

to look for inner peace/strength
chercher la paix/force intérieure
inner circle
a small influential group within a larger group
petit cercle masculine (fermé) , (petit) noyau masculine

the artist and his inner circle
l'artiste et son petit cercle

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adjective /ˈinə/

placed etc on the inside or further in

intérieur; chambre à air
The inner tube of his tyre was punctured.

(of feelings etc) secret or hidden

I could not guess what his inner thoughts might be.
innermost adjective

placed etc furthest from the edge or outside

le plus profond
the innermost parts of the castle.

(also inmost) most secret or hidden

le plus secret
his innermost feelings
in the innermost corners of his heart.
inner tube noun

a rubber tube filled with air inside a car tyre or a bicycle tyre.

chambre à air

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