Übersetzung von “inquire” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitiveinquire /ɪnˈkwaɪər/ formal
to ask
demander , se renseigner

I wanted to inquire about the job.
Je voulais me renseigner à propos du poste.
inquire what/whether//who etc.
demander que/si/qui etc.

A woman called to inquire whether we were hiring.
Une femme a appelé pour demander si nous louions.

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verb /inˈkwaiə/

to ask

He inquired the way to the art gallery
She inquired what time the bus left.

(with about) to ask for information about

(s’)informer (sur)
They inquired about trains to London.

(with after) to ask for information about the state of (eg a person’s health)

demander des nouvelles (de)
He enquired after her mother.

(with for) to ask to see or talk to (a person)

Someone rang up inquiring for you, but you were out.

(with for) to ask for (goods in a shop etc)

Several people have been inquiring for the new catalogue.

(with into) to try to discover the facts of

enquêter (sur)
The police are inquiring into the matter.
inquiry /American also ˈinkwəri/ noun (plural inquiries, enquiries) (also enquiry /American also ˈenkwəri/)

(an act of) asking or investigating

(demande de) renseignement(s)
His inquiries led him to her hotel
(also adjective) All questions will be dealt with at the inquiry desk.

an investigation

An inquiry is being held into her disappearance.
make inquiries

to ask for information.

se renseigner
The police are making inquiries into the break-in at the post office.

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