Übersetzung von “insulate” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveinsulate /ˈɪnsəˌleɪt, ˈɪnsyə-/
to cover sth to stop heat, cold, sound, etc. from escaping

We need to insulate the attic.
Nous devons isoler le grenier.
to stop from being affected
tenir à l'écart

a community insulated from/against economic problems because of its wealth
une communauté tenue à l'écart des problèmes économiques de par ses richesses


adjectiveinsulated [ ˈɪnsəˌleɪtɪd ]
isolé/-ée , protégé/-ée

well-insulated homes
des maisons bien isolées

her quiet, insulated life
sa vie tranquille, protégée

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verb /ˈinsjuleit/

to cover, protect or separate (something) with a material that does not let especially electrical currents or heat etc pass through it

Rubber and plastic are used for insulating electric wires and cables.
insulation noun

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