Übersetzung von “interview” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableinterview /ˈɪntərˌvyu/
a meeting to determine whether sb should be hired, accepted into an organization, etc.
entretien masculine

Interviews for the position will be held next week.
Les entretiens pour le poste auront lieu la semaine prochaine.

I have an interview this afternoon.
J'ai un entretien cet après-midi.
a meeting in which sb is asked questions by sb in the media
interview feminine

an exclusive interview
une interview exclusive

to give an interview to the press
accorder une interview à la presse
a meeting in which the police question the suspect of a crime
interrogatoire masculine

police interview techniques
les techniques d'interrogatoire de la police


verb transitiveinterview /ˈɪntərˌvyu/
to question sb in an interview

to interview applicants for a job
recevoir les candidats à un poste

I was lucky enough to interview The Beatles.
J'ai eu la chance d'interviewer les Beatles.


noun countableinterviewer /ˈɪntərˌvyuər/
sb whose job is to interview people
interviewer masculine

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noun /ˈintəvjuː/

a formal meeting and discussion with someone, eg a person applying for a job, or a person with information to broadcast on radio or television.

entrevue, interview
I always get nervous before job interviews
The author gave a fascinating radio interview last month.
interviewer noun


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