Übersetzung von “invite” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveinvite /ɪnˈvaɪt/
to ask sb to attend an event or do sth

Were you invited to Melissa's party?
Est-ce que tu as été invité à la soirée de Mélissa ?

He's been invited to attend a meeting.
Il a été invité à assister à une réunion.
=provoke; to encourage unwanted behavior
inciter à , appeler

behavior that invites an aggressive response
comportement qui incite à une réponse agressive

to invite criticism
appeler la critique

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verb /inˈvait/

to ask (a person) politely to come (eg to one’s house, to a party etc)

inviter (à)
They have invited us to dinner tomorrow.

to ask (a person) politely to do something

He was invited to speak at the meeting.

to ask for (another person’s suggestions etc)

He invited proposals from members of the society.
invitation /inviˈteiʃən/ noun

a (written) request to come or go somewhere

Have you received an invitation to their party?
We had to refuse the invitation to the wedding.

the act of inviting

He attended the committee meeting on the invitation of the chairman.
inviting adjective

(negative uninviting) attractive or tempting

There was an inviting smell coming from the kitchen.

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