Übersetzung von “issue” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableissue /ˈɪʃu/
a subject being discussed
question feminine , problème masculine

a website dedicated to the issue of euthanasia
un site Internet consacré à la question de l'euthanasie
raise an issue
to start talking about a subject
soulever un problème

He raised the issue of funding.
Il a soulevé le problème du financement.
a copy or edition of a newspaper, magazine, etc.
numéro masculine

the January/April/October issue of Home and Living magazine
le numéro de janvier/d'avril/d'octobre de la revue "Home and Living"
make an issue of
to cause sth to seem more important than it is
faire toute une histoire de

Try not to make an issue of his poor eating habits.
N'insiste pas trop sur / essaie de ne pas faire toute une histoire de ses mauvaises habitudes alimentaires.
take issue with
to disagree with
engager une controverse

researchers who took issue with survey results
les chercheurs qui ont engagé une controverse à propos des résultats de l'étude


verb transitiveissue /ˈɪʃu/
to provide or make available

Soldiers will be issued with the correct equipment.
On fournira l'équipement adéquat aux soldats.
to announce

A health warning has been issued.
Une mise en garde du ministère de la santé a été émise.

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verb /ˈiʃuː/

to give or send out, or to distribute, especially officially

The police issued a description of the criminal
Rifles were issued to the troops.

to flow or come out (from something)

sortir (de)
A strange noise issued from the room.



one number in the series of a newspaper, magazine etc

Have you seen the latest issue of that magazine?

a subject for discussion and argument

The question of pay is not an important issue at the moment.

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