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pronounit /ɪt/
refers to sb or sth already mentioned
subject: il masculine , elle feminine object: le masculine , la feminine refers to sth already mentioned: before a consonant: ce , before a vowel: c'

"Are you going to the concert?" "Yeah, it starts at 8, right?"
"Est-ce que tu vas au concert ?" "Oui, ça commence à 8 heures, c'est bien ça ?"

If you've ever been diving you'll know how amazing it is.
Si tu as jamais fait de la plongée, tu dois savoir à quel point c'est merveilleux.
refers to a non-specific subject or object
before a consonant: ce , before a vowel: c' formal cela , informal ça

It's terrible the way he talks to her.
C'est terrible la façon dont il lui parle.

I used to love it when the whole family got together.
J'adorais ça quand toute la famille se réunissait.
it appears/looks/seems
cela paraît / à l'air / semble

It seems so unfair that she can't go.
Cela semble tellement injuste qu'elle ne puisse y aller.
refers to a situation
before a consonant: ce , before a vowel: c'

It's hard bringing children up on your own.
C'est difficile d'élever seule ses enfants.
refers to the weather

I see it's raining again.
Je vois qu'il pleut à nouveau.

Does it snow where you live?
Est-ce qu'il neige là où tu vis ?
refers to the time or date

It's just after five o'clock.
Il est 5 heures et quelques.

When is it time to leave?
Quand sera-t-il temps de partir ?

It'll be January in a few days.
Nous serons en janvier dans quelques jours.
refers to distance
before a vowel: c' , before a consonant: informal ça , before a consonant: formal cela

Is it a long way to walk?
Est-ce que ça fait loin à pied ?

It's 300 miles to the coast.
C'est à 500 kilomètres de la côte.
emphasizes a part of what you are saying
before a consonant: ce , before a vowel: c'

It's not me I'm worried about, it's you.
Ça n'est pas pour moi que je m'inquiète, c'est pour toi.
used to say who sb is
before a vowel: c' , before a consonant: formal ce , before a consonant: informal ça

It's Mike on the phone.
C'est Mike à l'appareil.

Hi, it's me!
Salut, c'est moi


abbreviationIT /ˈaɪˈti/
information technology; the use and organization of computers to store and communicate information, etc.
informatique feminine

He works in IT.
Il travaille dans l'informatique

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pronoun /it/

(used as the subject of a verb or object of a verb or preposition) the thing spoken of, used especially of lifeless things and of situations, but also of animals and babies

il, elle, le, la, lui
If you find my pencil, please give it to me
The dog is in the garden, isn’t it?
I picked up the baby because it was crying
He decided to run a mile every morning but he couldn’t keep it up.

used as a subject in certain kinds of sentences eg in talking about the weather, distance or time

il, ce
Is it raining very hard?
It’s cold
It is five o’clock
Is it the fifth of March?
It’s two miles to the village
Is it your turn to make the tea?
It is impossible for him to finish the work
It was nice of you to come
Is it likely that he would go without us?

(usually as the subject of the verb be) used to give emphasis to a certain word or phrase

It was you (that) I wanted to see, not Mary.

used with some verbs as a direct object with little meaning

The car broke down and we had to walk it
Oh, bother it!
its adjective

belonging to it

son, sa, ses
The bird has hurt its wing.
itself pronoun

used as the object of a verb or preposition when an object, animal etc is the object of an action it performs

lui-même, elle-même
The cat looked at itself in the mirror
The cat stretched itself by the fire.

used to emphasize it or the name of an object, animal etc

lui-même, elle-même
The house itself is quite small, but the garden is big.

without help etc

tout seul
‘How did the dog get in?’ ‘Oh, it can open the gate itself.’
its is an adjective or pronoun expressing possession: a cat and its kittens. it’s is short for it is or it has: It’s raining heavily.

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