Übersetzung von “jam” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounjam /dʒæm/
uncountable a sweet food made from fruit and sugar, often spread on bread
confiture feminine

toast and jam
toast et confiture
countable when the flow of sth is stopped, because sth is stuck
blocage masculine

a paper jam in the printer
un bourrage dans l'imprimante

a traffic jam
un embouteillage
countable informal a situation that causes trouble
informal pétrin masculine

friends who help you out when you are in a jam
des amis qui vous dépannent quand vous êtes dans le pétrin


verbjam /dʒæm/ ( jamming, jammed )
transitive-intransitive to block or become blocked and unable to flow
bloquer , encombrer

People were jamming the streets outside.
Des gens encombraient les rues dehors.

The printer is jammed again.
L'imprimante est à nouveau bloquée.
transitive to push sth into sth else forcefully
fourrer , enfoncer

He jammed his hands into his pockets.
Il enfonça /fourra ses mains dans ses poches.
transitive to block the transmission of a signal

to jam a radio signal
brouiller un signal radio

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noun /dʒӕm/

a thick sticky substance made of fruit etc preserved by being boiled with sugar

(also adjective) a jam sandwich.
jammy adjective

covered with jam

jammy fingers.


verb /dʒӕm/ (past tense, past participle jammed)

to crowd full

The gateway to the embassy was jammed with angry protesters.

to squeeze, press or wedge tightly or firmly

He jammed his foot in the doorway.

to stick and (cause to) be unable to move

(se) bloquer
The door / lever has jammed.

(of a radio station) to cause interference with (another radio station’s broadcast) by sending out signals on a similar wavelength

The device can jam navigational signals.
jam on

to put (brakes etc) on with force and haste

When the dog ran in front of his car he jammed on his brakes and skidded.



a difficult situation

I’m in a bit of a jam – I haven’t got enough money to pay for this meal.

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