Übersetzung von “job” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablejob /dʒɒb/
the work sb is paid to do
travail masculine , emploi masculine

her job at the local library
son travail à la bibliothèque locale

a part-time/full-time job
un travail à temps partiel/complet

Do you have a job?
Avez-vous un emploi ?

I need to find/get a job.
Je dois trouver un travail.
lose your job
to be forced to leave a job
perdre son travail/emploi

My father lost his job when the factory shut down.
Mon père a perdu son emploi quand l'usine a fermé.
quit a job
to decide to leave your job
quitter un emploi

She quit her job and traveled around South America.
Elle a quitté son emploi pour voyager à travers l'Amérique du Sud.
=task; a piece of work
travail masculine

We hired him to do a couple of jobs for us.
Nous l'avons engagé pour faire quelque travaux pour nous.
=duty; sth that is your responsibility to do
travail masculine

Your job is to watch your sister.
Ton travail, c'est de surveiller ta sœur.
good/great/nice job
indicates you think sb has done sth well
bon travail

You guys did a great job today.
Les gars, vous avec fait du bon travail aujourd'hui.
it's a good job
Brit spoken indicates you think sb or sth is lucky
par chance

It's a good job I was there to help out.
Par chance, j'étais là pour donner un coup de main.

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noun /dʒob/

a person’s daily work or employment

travail, emploi
She has a job as a bank clerk
Some of the unemployed men have been out of a job for four years.

a piece of work or a task

I have several jobs to do before going to bed.
give up as a bad job

to decide that (something) is not worth doing, or impossible to do, and so stop doing it.

I couldn’t fix the lawnmower and eventually gave it up as a bad job.
a good job

a lucky or satisfactory state of affairs

c’est une chance (que)
It’s a good job that she can’t hear what you’re saying
He has lost his trumpet, and a good job too!
have a job

to have difficulty

avoir du mal (à)
You’ll have a job finishing all this work tonight.
just the job

entirely suitable

justement ce qu’il faut
These gloves are just the job for gardening.
make the best of a bad job

to do one’s best in difficult circumstances.

faire contre mauvaise fortune bon coeur
I decided to make the best of a bad job, and rented the car even though it was far from perfect.

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