Übersetzung von “join” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivejoin /dʒɔɪn/
transitive-intransitive to become a member of an organization or group, or to begin working somewhere
rejoindre , adhérer à

to join a club/union/movement etc.
devenir membre d'un club / adhérer à un syndicat / rejoindre un mouvement

when I joined the army in 2002
quand je me suis engagé dans l'armée en 2002

to join the online community
rejoindre la communauté en ligne

groups that only men could join
des groupes auxquels seuls les hommes peuvent adhérer
transitive-intransitive to connect two things, or become connected

He joined the edges together with glue.
Il joignit les bords ensemble avec de la colle.

a method for joining aluminum to steel
une méthode pour faire fusionner l'aluminium et l'acier
transitive to come to the same place to do sth together
(se) rejoindre

Two other people will be joining us later.
Deux autres personnes nous rejoindront plus tard.

The tanks were joined by artillery and more soldiers.
Les chars d'assaut ont été rejoints par l'artillerie et des soldats supplémentaires.
join the club
spoken indicates you have had the same bad experience as sb you are talking to
bienvenue au club

"I could never afford to do that!" "Yeah, join the club!"
"Je ne pourrais jamais me permettre de faire cela !" "Ouais, bienvenue au club !"
join forces (with)
to come together to work toward a goal
unir ses forces (à)

The high school and middle school joined forces for the project.
Les premier et second cycles ont uni leurs forces pour le projet.
join hands
to hold sb's hand in yours
(se) donner la main

They all joined hands and sang.
Ils se donnèrent tous la main et chantèrent.

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verb /dʒoin/

(often with up, onetc) to put together or connect

joindre, raccorder
The electrician joined the wires (up) wrongly
You must join this piece (on) to that piece
He joined the two stories together to make a play
The island is joined to the mainland by a sandbank at low tide.

to connect (two points) eg by a line, as in geometry

Join point A to point B.

to become a member of (a group)

devenir membre de
She was thinking of joining the tennis club.

(sometimes with up) to meet and come together (with)

(se) rejoindre, (se) joindre (à)
This lane joins the main road
Do you know where the two rivers join?
They joined up with us for the remainder of the holiday.

to come into the company of

I’ll join you later in the restaurant.
join forces

to come together for united work or action

s’unir (pour)
We would do better if we joined forces (with each other).
join hands

to clasp one another’s hands (eg for dancing)

se donner la main
Join hands with your partner
They joined hands in a ring.
join in

to take part (in)

prendre part à
We’re playing a game – do join in!
He would not join in the dancee.
join up

to become a member of an armed force

He joined up in 1940.

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