Die Übersetzung von "joke" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /dʒəuk/

anything said or done to cause laughter

He told/made the old joke about the elephant in the refrigerator
He dressed up as a ghost for a joke
He played a joke on us and dressed up as a ghost.

something that causes laughter or amusement

The children thought it a huge joke when the cat stole the fish.
joker noun

in a pack of playing-cards, an extra card (usually having a picture of a jester) used in some games.

There are special rules governing how the joker is used.

a person who enjoys telling jokes, playing tricks etc.

Vinnie was always the class joker.
jokingly adverb

en plaisantant
He looked out at the rain and jokingly suggested a walk.
it’s no joke

it is a serious or worrying matter

ce n’est pas drôle
It’s no joke when water gets into the petrol tank.
joking apart/aside

let us stop joking and talk seriously

blague à part
I feel like going to Timbuctoo for the weekend – but, joking apart, I do need a rest!
take a joke

to be able to accept or laugh at a joke played on oneself

entendre à rire
The trouble with him is that he can’t take a joke.

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