Die Übersetzung von "jump" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /dʒamp/

to (cause to) go quickly off the ground with a springing movement

(faire) sauter
He jumped off the wall / across the puddle / over the fallen tree / into the swimming-pool
Don’t jump the horse over that fence!

to rise; to move quickly (upwards)

She jumped to her feet
He jumped into the car.

to make a startled movement

The noise made me jump.

to pass over (a gap etc) by bounding

franchir (d’un bond)
He jumped the stream easily.
jumpy adjective

nervous; easily upset

He has been very jumpy and irritable lately.
jump at

to take or accept eagerly

sauter (sur)
He jumped at the chance to go to Germany for a fortnight.
jump for joy

to show great pleasure.

sauter de joie
He jumped for joy when Brazil scored.
jump on

to make a sudden attack on

sauter (sur)
He was waiting round the corner and jumped on me in the dark.
jump the gun

to start before the proper time

prendre les devants
We shouldn’t be going on holiday till tomorrow, but we jumped the gun and caught today’s last flight.
jump the queue

to move ahead of others in a queue without waiting for one’s proper turn

passer avant son tour
Many wealthy or important people try to jump the queue for hospital beds.
jump to conclusions / jump to the conclusion that

to form an idea without making sure of the facts

conclure tout de suite que
He saw my case in the hall and jumped to the conclusion that I was leaving.
jump to it

to hurry up

se grouiller
If you don’t jump to it, you’ll miss the train.

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