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verbkeep /kip/ ( pt pp kept )
transitive-intransitive to stay or make stay in a position or state

penguins standing together to keep warm
des pingouins se tenant debout ensemble pour se tenir chaud

a toy to keep the baby happy
un jouet pour amuser le bébé

Keep away from the fire.
Tenir éloigné du feu.

We were kept waiting for hours.
On nous a fait attendre pendant des heures.

You're keeping the baby awake/up!
Tu tiens le bébé éveillé !
Keep Out!
used on signs to tell people not to enter a place
Défense d'entrer !
transitive to not give back or not throw away

I let her keep the picture.
Je lui ai laissé garder la photo.

She kept his letters until she died.
Elle a gardé ses lettres jusqu'à ce qu'elle meure.
transitive to do sth repeatedly or continually
continuer à , ne pas cesser/arrêter de

The fridge keeps making a funny noise.
Le réfrigérateur n'arrête pas de faire un drôle de bruit.

She kept telling him to stop.
Elle lui dit sans cesse d'arrêter.
transitive to store sth somewhere
garder , conserver

We keep the tools in that drawer.
Nous gardons les outils dans ce tiroir.
transitive to make a record of data or information

They kept a record of every change in the numbers.
Ils ont consigné chaque modification dans les numéros.

kids who keep diaries
les enfants qui tiennent des journaux intimes
keep a secret
to not tell anyone a piece of information
garder un secret

My sister can't keep a secret.
Ma sœur ne peut pas garder un secret.
transitive to do what you said you would do

to keep a promise/appointment
tenir une promesse / être exact à un rendez-vous
intransitive (of food) to stay fresh
se conserver

Throw the yogurt out - it won't keep any longer.
Jette le yoghourt, il ne se conservera plus.
transitive to own and feed animals, especially for eggs, meat, or milk

She kept a goat and a few chickens.
Elle a une chèvre et quelques poules.
keep going
to continue to live despite difficulties
tenir bon / le coup

families who must keep going in times of war
des familles qui doivent tenir bon / le coup en temps de guerre
used to encourage sb to continue
tiens bon

Keep going - you're almost there.
Tiens bon, tu y es presque.
to continue to live despite difficulties
tenir bon / le coup

families who must keep going in times of war
des familles qui doivent tenir bon / le coup en temps de guerre
used to encourage sb to continue
tiens bon

Keep going - you're almost there.
Tiens bon, tu y es presque.
keep sb going
to help sb continue in a difficult situation
aider qqn à tenir (bon)

Your letters kept me going during the long winter months.
Tes lettres m'aident à tenir bon durant les longs mois d'hiver.
keep your fingers crossed
to hope that what you want to happen will happen
croise/-ez les doigts

We'll have to keep our fingers crossed for good weather for our trip to the beach.
Nous allons devoir croiser les doigts pour avoir du beau temps pour notre sortie à la plage.

keep at

verb phrasalkeep at [ ˈkip ˌæt ]
to continue to try to do sth even when it is difficult

Keep at it - you're getting better all the time.
Persévère, tu va de mieux en mieux.
to continue to encourage or remind sb
informal tanner

I kept at him, until he got the courage to call her.
Je l'ai tanné jusqu'à ce qu'il ait le courage de l'appeler.

keep down

verb phrasalkeep down [ ˈkip ˈdaʊn ]
to not vomit

Finally, she was able to keep down a little food.
En fin de compte, elle a pu garder un peu de nourriture.

keep from

verb phrasalkeep from [ ˈkip ˌfrʌm, frəm ]
to stop sb from doing sth or stop sth from happening

They sprayed the houses to keep them from burning.
Ils ont arrosé les maisons pour les empêcher de brûler.

I tried to keep myself from laughing out loud.
J'ai essayé de m'empêcher de rire tout haut.
to not tell sb sth

My parents kept the news from us until the weekend.
Mes parents nous ont caché la nouvelle jusqu'au week-end.

keep on

verb phrasalkeep on [ ˈkip ˈɒn, ˈɔn ]
to continue

Keep on past those buildings, and then turn right.
Continuez après ces bâtiments, puis tournez à droite.
keep on doing sth

We keep on trying to fix it, but it still doesn't work.
Nous continuons d'essayer de le réparer mais ça ne marche pas.
to continue to employ sb

The company kept me on to re-train people.
L'entreprise m'a gardé pour recycler les gens.

keep out of

verb phrasalkeep out of [ ˈkip ˈaʊt ˌʌv, əv ]
to not become involved in
rester en dehors de

The argument is between me and Casey - you keep out of it.
Cette dispute est entre moi et Casey, toi, reste en dehors de ça.

keep to

verb phrasalkeep to [ ˈkip ˌtu, tə ]
to do what was promised and not change
s'en tenir à

All we're asking is that you keep to the agreement.
Tout ce que nous demandons, c'est que vous vous en teniez à cet accord.
to prevent a number, level, or amount from rising
s'en tenir à

We kept it to just 30 guests.
Nous nous en tenons à juste 30 invités.

keep up

verb phrasalkeep up [ ˈkɪp ˈʌp ]
to be able to do the same as sb or sth else
suivre , se maintenir

He couldn't keep up with his older sister.
Il ne pouvait pas suivre sa grande sœur.

companies trying to keep up in the marketplace
des entreprises essayant de se maintenir sur le marché
to continue to do
continuer , maintenir

Keep up the good work!
Continuez ce bon travail !

a group working at keeping up the pace of change
un groupe travaillant à maintenir le rythme du changement

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verb /kiːp/ (past tense, past participle kept /kept/)

to have for a very long or indefinite period of time

He gave me the picture to keep.

not to give or throw away; to preserve

conserver, garder
I kept the most interesting books
Can you keep a secret?

to (cause to) remain in a certain state or position

garder, tenir
I keep this gun loaded
How do you keep cool in this heat?
Will you keep me informed of what happens?

to go on (performing or repeating a certain action)

continuer à
He kept walking.

to have in store

I always keep a tin of baked beans for emergencies.

to look after or care for

She keeps the garden beautifully
I think they keep hens.

to remain in good condition

se conserver, (se) garder
That meat won’t keep in this heat unless you put it in the fridge.

to make entries in (a diary, accounts etc)

She keeps a diary to remind her of her appointments
He kept the accounts for the club.

to hold back or delay

Sorry to keep you.

to provide food, clothes, housing for (someone)

He has a wife and child to keep.

to act in the way demanded by someone

She kept her promise.

to celebrate

to keep Christmas.
keeper noun

a person who looks after something, eg animals in a zoo

The lion has killed its keeper.

a goalkeeper.

gardien de but
The keeper took the goalkick.
keeping noun

care or charge

The money had been given into his keeping.
keep-fit noun

a series or system of exercises, usually simple, intended to improve the physical condition of ordinary people, especially women

(de) gymnastique
She’s very keen on keep-fit but it doesn’t do her much good
(also adjective) keep-fit exercises.
keepsake /-seik/ noun

something given or taken to be kept in memory of the giver

She gave him a piece of her hair as a keepsake.
for keeps


pour de bon
You can have this necklace for keeps.
in keeping with

suited to

en rapport avec
He has moved to a house more in keeping with his position as a headmaster.
keep away

to (cause to) remain at a distance

ne pas s’approcher (de)
Keep away from the crocodiles – they’re dangerous!
keep back

not to (allow to) move forward

ne pas s’approcher (de)
She kept the child back on the edge of the crowd
Every body keep back from the door!

not to tell or make known

I feel he’s keeping the real story back for some reason.

not to give or pay out

Part of my allowance is kept back to pay for my meals
Will they keep it back every week?
keep one’s distance

to stay quite far away

se tenir à distance
The deer did not trust us and kept their distance.
keep down

not to (allow to) rise up

ne pas bouger
Keep down – they’re shooting at us!

to control or put a limit on

They are taking steps to keep down the rabbit population.

to digest without vomiting

garder, digérer
He has eaten some food, but he won’t be able to keep it down.
keep one’s end up

to perform one’s part in something just as well as all the others who are involved.

faire sa part (d’une tâche)
keep from

to stop oneself from (doing something)

se retenir de
I could hardly keep from hitting him.
keep going

to go on doing something despite difficulties.

We decided to keep going despite the poor weather.
keep hold of

not to let go of

ne pas lâcher/perdre
She told im to keep hold of her hand while they crossed the road.
keep house (for)

to do the cooking, housework etc (for)

tenir la maison (de)
She keeps house for her brother.
keep in

not to allow to go or come out or outside

empêcher qqn de sortir
The teacher kept him in till he had finished the work.

to stay close to the side of a road etc.

rester bien au bord (à droite)
keep in mind

to remember and take into consideration later.

se souvenir que
Keep in mind that the restaurant gets very busy and you may have to book a table in advance.
keep it up

to carry on doing something at the same speed or as well as one is doing it at present

Your work is good – keep it up!
keep off

to stay away

ne pas s’approcher
There are notices round the bomb warning people to keep off
The rain kept off and we had sunshine for the wedding.

to prevent from getting to or on to (something)

protéger (de)
This umbrella isn’t pretty, but it keeps off the rain.
keep on

to continue (doing something or moving)

continuer (à, de)
He just kept on going until he was too exhausted to continue.
They kept on until they came to a petrol station.
keep oneself to oneself

to tell others very little about oneself, and not to be very friendly or sociable.

se tenir à l’écart
He likes to keep himself to himself.
keep out

not to (allow to) enter

empêcher qqn d’entrer
The notice at the building site said ‘Keep out!’
This coat keeps out the wind.
keep out of

not to become involved in

rester à l’écart de
Do try to keep out of trouble!
keep time

(of a clock etc) to show the time accurately

donner l’heure exacte
Does this watch keep (good) time?
keep to

not to leave or go away from

ne pas s’écarter de
Keep to this side of the park!
We kept to the roads we knew.
keep (something) to oneself

not to tell anyone (something)

garder pour soi
He kept his conclusions to himself.
keep up

(often with with) to move fast enough not to be left behind (by)

ne pas se laisser distancer
Even the children managed to keep up
Don’t run – I can’t keep up with you.

to continue, or cause to remain, in operation

I enjoy our friendship and try to keep it up.
keep up with the Joneses /ˈdʒounziz/

to have everything one’s neighbours have

faire concurrence aux voisins
She didn’t need a new cooker – she just bought one to keep up with the Joneses.
keep watch

to have the task of staying alert and watching for danger.

monter la garde
One of the men kept watch while the other two broke in through a window.

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