Übersetzung von “key” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablekey /ki/
a metal object used to open a lock or to start a vehicle
clé feminine , clef feminine

to turn a key in the lock
tourner une clé dans la serrure

the front door key
la clé de la porte de devant

the keys to the car
les clés de la voiture
the most important thing you need to achieve sth
clé feminine , clef feminine

He believes that the key to building democracies is fighting poverty.
Il croit que la clé de la construction des démocracies est de combattre la pauvreté.
one of the parts you press on a computer keyboard
touche feminine

the Ctrl key
la touche Ctrl
one of the parts you press on a piano or similar instrument
touche feminine

the black keys
les touches noires
the description of the symbols on a map
légende feminine

Look at the key to see what the symbols mean.
Regarde la clé pour savoir ce que signifient les symboles.
in music, one of the sets of notes that form the basis of western music
ton masculine

a song in the key of G
une chanson en sol


verb phrasalkey: key in /ki/
to enter information into a computer

I'm keying in all the changes.
Je saisis toutes les modifications.

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noun /kiː/

an instrument or tool by which something (eg a lock or a nut) is turned

Have you got the key for this door?

in musical instruments, one of the small parts pressed to sound the notes

piano keys.

in a typewriter, calculator etc, one of the parts which one presses to cause a letter etc to be printed, displayed etc.


the scale in which a piece of music is set

What key are you playing in?
the key of F.

something that explains a mystery or gives an answer to a mystery, a code etc

the key to the whole problem.

in a map etc, a table explaining the symbols etc used in it.

keyboard noun

the keys in a piano, typewriter etc arranged along or on a flat board

(à) clavier
The pianist sat down at the keyboard and began to play
A computer keyboard looks like that of a typewriter
(also adjective) harpsichords and other early keyboard instruments.

any keyboard (musical) instrument.

instrument à clavier
The album features Mick Brown on keyboards.
keyhole noun

the hole in which a key of a door etc is placed

trou de serrure
The child looked through the keyhole to see if his teacher was still with his parents.
keynote noun

the chief note in a musical key.


the chief point or theme (of a lecture etc).

idée dominante
keyed up

excited; tense.

Everybody was keyed up for a visit and inspection by the regional manager.

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