Übersetzung von “kid” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablekid /kɪd/
informal a child or teenager
enfant masculine-feminine

We're taking the kids to Europe this spring.
Nous emmenons les enfants en Europe au printemps.

I loved swimming when I was a kid.
J'adorais nager quand j'étais enfant.
a young goat
chevreau/chevrette masculine-feminine

a goat and her kids
une chèvre et ses chevreaux


verb transitive-intransitivekid /kɪd/ ( kidding, kidded )
to trick or tease
plaisanter , informal faire marcher

He said he'd lost them but he was just kidding.
Il a dit qu'il les avait perdus mais il ne faisait que plaisanter.

I loved to kid my little sister.
J'adorais faire marcher ma petite sœur.
are you kidding (me)?/you've got to be kidding
spoken indicates sth is surprising or unbelievable
c'est une plaisanterie / tu plaisantes / vous plaisantez , tu me fais / vous me faites marcher

"I'm pregnant." "Are you kidding me?"
"Je suis enceinte." "Tu me fais marcher ?"

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noun /kid/

a popular word for a child or teenager

They’ve got three kids now, two boys and a girl
More than a hundred kids went to the disco last night
(also adjective) his kid brother (= younger brother).

a young goat.

chevreau, chevrette

(also adjective) (of) the leather made from its skin

de chevreau
slippers made of kid
kid gloves.


verb /kid/ (past tense, past participle kidded)

to deceive or tease, especially harmlessly

plaisanter, faire marcher
We were kidding him about the girl who keeps ringing him up
He kidded his wife into thinking he’d forgotten her birthday
He didn’t mean that – he was only kidding!

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