Übersetzung von “kidnap” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivekidnap /ˈkɪdnæp/ ( kidnapping, kidnapped )
to take sb prisoner, especially in order to demand money, a prisoner's release, etc.
kidnapper , enlever

He had been kidnapped by extremists.
Il avait été kidnappé/enlevé par des extrémistes.


noun countablekidnapper /ˈkɪdnæpər/
sb who kidnaps a person
kidnappeur/-euse , ravisseur/-euse

Her kidnappers refused to negotiate.
Ses ravisseurs ont refusé de négocié.


noun countable-uncountablekidnapping /ˈkɪdnæpɪŋ/
the act of kidnapping sb
kidnapping masculine , enlèvement masculine

a number of kidnappings
un nombre de kidnappings / d'enlèvements

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verb /ˈkidnӕp/ (past tense, past participle kidnapped, American kidnaped)

to carry off (a person) by force, often demanding money in exchange for his safe return

He is very wealthy and lives in fear of his children being kidnapped.
kidnapper noun


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