Übersetzung von “kill” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbkill /kɪl/
transitive-intransitive to cause to die

Four people have been killed in a road accident.
Quatre personnes ont été tuées dans un accident de la route.

What drives a person to kill?
Qu'est-ce qui conduit une personne à tuer ?
transitive to cause to end
mettre fin à

His arrival killed all conversation.
Son arrivée mit fin à toute conversation.
transitive informal to cause pain

My feet are killing me after all that dancing.
Ce mal de pieds me tue après toute cette danse.
transitive informal to pass time doing
tuer (le temps)

I killed a few hours reading my book.
J'ai tué le temps pendant quelques heures en lisant mon livre.
sb will kill sb
indicates sb will be very angry with sb

My Dad'll kill me if I'm not home by 11.
Mon père va me tuer si je ne suis pas de retour à la maison pour 23h.

kill off

verb phrasalkill off /ˈkɪl ˈɔf, ˈɒf/
to cause to die

a substance that will kill off germs
une substance qui éliminera les germes
to cause to end
mettre fin à , causer la mort de

supermarkets that have killed off small grocery stores
des supermarchés qui ont causé la mort des petites épiceries

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verb /kil/

to cause the death of

He killed the rats with poison
The outbreak of typhoid killed many people
The flat tyre killed our hopes of getting home before midnight.
killer noun

a person, animal etc that kills

There is a killer on the loose
(also adjective) a killer disease.
kill off

to destroy completely

So many deer have been shot that the species has almost been killed off.
kill time

to find something to do to use up spare time

tuer le temps
I’m just killing time until I hear whether I’ve got a job or not.

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