Übersetzung von “kind” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablekind /kaɪnd/
a type or sort
genre masculine , type masculine , sorte feminine

What kind of book is it?
Quel genre de livre est-ce que c'est ?

Are you the kind of person who can deal with stress?
Es-tu le type de personne qui peut supporter la pression ?

I work with all kinds of people.
Je travaille avec toutes sortes de personnes.
kind of
spoken=a little; fairly, in a way
un peu

It's kind of hard for me to understand him.
J'avais un peu de mal à le comprendre.

The cookies were kind of unusual.
Ces biscuits étaient un peu bizarres.


adjectivekind /kaɪnd/
generous or thoughtful
gentil/-tille , affable , attentionné/-ée , aimable

a kind woman who would help anyone
une femme aimable qui aiderait n'importe qui

a kind gesture
un geste attentionné

It was kind of him to help.
C'était gentil de sa part de donner un coup de main.

Be kind to your friends.
Sois aimable avec tes amis.

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noun /kaind/

a sort or type

sorte, espèce
What kind of car is it?
He is not the kind of man who would be cruel to children.


adjective /kaind/

ready or anxious to do good to others; friendly

He’s such a kind man
It was very kind of you to look after the children yesterday.
kindly adverb

in a kind manner

She kindly lent me a handkerchief.


avoir l’obligeance de
Would you kindly stop talking!
kindliness noun

kindness noun

the quality of being kind

I’ll never forget her kindness
Thank you for all your kindness.
kind-hearted adjective

having or showing kindness

qui a bon coeur
She was always kind-hearted towards other people.

(Übersetzung von “kind” aus dem PASSWORD English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)