Übersetzung von “kit” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounkit /kɪt/
countable a set of equipment
trousse feminine

a repair kit
une trousse de réparation
countable a set of pieces that you join together to make sth
kit masculine

a model car kit
une maquette de voiture
uncountable Brit a set of clothing worn for a sport
affaires feminine plural

my football kit
mes affaires de football

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(an outfit of) tools, clothes etc for a particular purpose

équipement, trousse
He carried his tennis kit in a bag
a repair kit for mending punctures in bicycle tyres.

a collection of the materials etc required to make something

He bought a model aeroplane kit.
kitbag noun

a strong bag for holding (usually a soldier’s) kit.

sac (de voyage)
kit out verb (past tense, past participle kitted)

to provide with all the clothes, tools etc necessary for a particular purpose

The money was spent on kitting out the school football team.

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