Übersetzung von “knit” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbknit /nɪt/ ( knitting, knitted )
transitive-intransitive to use wool and long needles to make a piece of clothing

to knit a sweater
tricoter un pull-over


noun uncountableknitting /ˈnɪtɪŋ/
the activity of making sth by knitting
tricot masculine

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verb /nit/ (past tense, past participle knitted)

to form (a garment) from yarn (of wool etc) by making and connecting loops, using knitting-needles

She is teaching children to knit and sew
She knitted him a sweater for Christmas.

(of broken bones) to grow together

se souder
The bone in his arm took a long time to knit.
knitter noun

She’s a very good knitter.
knitting noun

the work of a knitter

She was occupied with her knitting.

the material made by knitting

a piece of knitting.
knitting-needle noun

a thin rod of steel or plastic etc, used in knitting.

aiguille à tricoter
knit one’s brows

to frown

froncer les sourcils
Then, knitting her brows slightly, she gave an angry reply to his question.

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