Übersetzung von “knock” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbknock /nɒk/
intransitive to hit sth against a door to tell sb you are outside

Please knock before entering.
Veuillez frapper avant d'entrer.

I knocked on the door.
J'ai frappé à la porte.
transitive to hit with force, usually by accident

Be careful not to knock anything off the shelves.
Prenez-garde de ne rien faire tomber des étagères.

He fell and knocked his head against the door.
Il est tombé et s'est cogné la tête contre la porte.
transitive informal to criticize

Don't knock what she's doing - it's working!
Ne critique pas ce qu'elle fait, ça marche !

knock down

verb phrasalknock down [ ˈnɒk ˈdaʊn ]
to demolish a building

They're knocking down the houses to make way for a new shopping mall.
Ils ont abattu les maisons pour faire place à un nouveau centre commercial.
Brit ( knock over ) to hit sb with a vehicle, causing them to fall

She was knocked down by a bus.
Elle a été renversée par un bus.

knock off

verb phrasalknock off [ ˈnɒk ˈɔf, ˈɒf ] informal
to deduct an amount from a price

We'll knock $50 off the price.
Nous déduirons 50 $ du prix.

knock out

verb phrasalknock out [ ˈnɒk ˈaʊt ]
to cause to become unconscious

a powerful drug that knocked him out
un médicament puissant qui l'a assommé
to beat and eliminate from a competition

He was knocked out in the second round of the tournament.
Il a été éliminé lors de la seconde rencontre du tournoi.


noun countableknock /nɒk/
a noise made when sb knocks on sth
coup masculine

a knock on/at the door
un coup à la porte
sth bad or unpleasant that causes problems
coup masculine

The bad reviews were a knock to my confidence.
Les mauvaises critiques en ont donné un coup à mon assurance.
Brit an injury caused by being hit
coup masculine

a nasty knock on the forehead
un méchant coup sur le front

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verb /nok/

to make a sharp noise by hitting or tapping, especially on a door etc to attract attention

frapper, cogner
Just then, someone knocked at the door.

to cause to move, especially to fall, by hitting (often accidentally)

She knocked a vase on to the floor while she was dusting.

to put into a certain state or position by hitting

He knocked the other man senseless.

(often with against, on) to strike against or bump into

se cogner, heurter
She knocked against the table and spilt his cup of coffee
I knocked my head on the car door.
knocker noun

a piece of metal etc fixed to a door and used for knocking

a brass door knocker.
knock-kneed adjective

having legs that curve inwards abnormally at the knee

By the age of three, the child had become knock-kneed.
knock about/around

to treat in a rough and unkind manner, especially to hit repeatedly

I’ve heard that her husband knocks her about.

to move about (in) in a casual manner without a definite destination or purpose

He spent six months knocking around before getting a job.

(with with) to be friendly with

(se) tenir avec
I don’t like the boys he knocks about with.
knock back

to drink, especially quickly and in large quantities

s’envoyer (un verre)
He knocked back three pints of beer in ten minutes.
knock down

to cause to fall by striking

étendre, renverser
He was so angry with the man that he knocked him down
The old lady was knocked down by a van as she crossed the street.

to reduce the price of (goods)

She bought a coat that had been knocked down to half-price.
knock off

to stop working

cesser le travail
I knocked off at six o’clock after studying for four hours
What time do you knock off in this factory?
knock out

to make unconscious by a blow, or (in boxing) unable to recover within the required time

The boxer knocked his opponent out in the third round.

to defeat and cause to retire from a competition

That team knocked us out in the semi-finals (noun knock-out).
knock over

to cause to fall from an upright position

The dog knocked over a chair as it rushed past.
knock up

(of opponents in a tennis match) to have a short practice before starting on the match (noun knock-up)

faire des balles
The two players were knocking up before their semi-final match.

(slang) to make a woman pregnant

She got knocked up when she was only 17 years old.
get knocked up

to get pregnant.

être en cloque



the sound made by a knock, especially on a door etc

Suddenly they heard a loud knock.

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